Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Avery's 1 Month Doctor Visit

This morning I took Avery to see Dr. Anton for her 1 month visit...below are the results of her visit as well as a picture from our visit.  I will say that I knew she ate well and was getting big but I didn't expect her to weight as much as she does.  I e-mailed Rich with Avery's stats from the visit and all I could say was "wow, we grow BIG kids!!".  Jolie was also a baby/child that appeared in the 90th plus percentile, in fact she still does, I think it is because Rich is so tall because Lord knows these girls aren't getting their height from their Mama!!

Height:  22.5 inches, 91st Percentile
Weight:  10lbs., 15oz, 91st Percentile
Head Circumference:15.55 inches, 93rd Percentile

Dr. Anton says that Avery is PERFECT, although I already knew that..ha ha!!  She is growing and doing well, meeting all milestones, and is proportionate, all the things that are important at one month.  We are going to start giving her a Vitamin D drop to supplement the breast feeding since vitamin D doesn't transfer in breast milk.  She got her second Hepatitis Vaccine and is currently sleeping, all is well in The Perillo House!!

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