Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to School and Shopping

So yesterday Rich and Jolie went back to school. The morning was a little crazy trying to get breakfast made and lunch boxes packed all while also caring for my newborn and living on the fact my baby doesn't sleep well from 3am to 6am. But all in all we managed and both Rich and Jolie made it out the door and on time to boot. It got even smoother this morning, we are working on establishing a routine. Inhttp://www.babyshowerstuff.com/peapbabshowf.html other news, Avery and I had a good day but rather unproductive, we didn't get the back porch cleaned as it was too cloudy and chilly for me to have Avery out there with me, oh well, it will be okay, there is always another day for cleaning. I did however, get the kitchen and downstairs completely tidy and made a great dinner for my family when they returned from their days. Avery and I also went on her first mini shopping trip, don't get too excited, it was just a quick trip to the Goodwill Store to see if there was anything good however we didn't find anything at all to buy so it was a somewhat wasted trip, maybe next Monday when we go we will find something! Today we are going to Target to return something, grab a couple of groceries and possibly to Micheal's to get stuff to make a Valentine's Day wreath for the door because we have no V-Day decor items except some very simple window clings that are on the kitchen window and sliding glass door. Tomorrow we are going to get Avery's birth certificate and to the hospital to return my rented breast pump, I am also going to lunch with some friends! So we have already steered away from our plans for the week but we are getting things done and having a good time. I really am enjoying my time with Avery and as a sort of house wife, I have never wanted to be a stay at home Mom but I could get use to this, I don't know that I am looking forward to my return to work in mid-Feburary but I know that it is a means to an ends and provides a good life for me andmyfamily, although I will be playing the lottery every week between now and then in hopes of not having to go to work!

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