Sunday, January 23, 2011

So quiet....

So this morning around 10 am our house became super quiet....I am sure you are wondering how in the world that happens with two young children. Well, the answer is I have amazing parents! My amazing parents took Jolie to see snow in the mountains of North Carolina, to say the very least Jolie was ready to go. She has spent the last two days singing frosty the snowman in preparation of building her very own snowman with my parents. My Mom even packed all the items she said she needed for this snowman, like coal and buttons, a corn cob pipe, and hat and scarf, I can't wait to see a picture of her creation. Based on the forecast we are thinking she will be building on Tuesday, I am sure there will be a post after that! I am already enjoying the quiet and the easiness of just having a newborn at home, I have said this before to Rich but it is easy to have either of the girls by themselves it is the combination of both of them that can make things a little stressful! I plan on using the two weeks that Jolie is gone to finish a few things around the house and organizing life to get ready to return to work and care for both my girls, I know it won't be easy but can be done! For now I am catching up on sleep, so the plan for today is nap, take-out, jersey shore on dvr, football, and just relax and hang with the hubby and baby!

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