Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

So this weekend was pretty quiet in The Perillo House....Saturday we hung out I did a little cleaning, that chore seems to never end, I feel like there is never a time when everything in my house is clean, I try though! Anyways, I have become such a clean freak, it is scary. Well, Saturday night several of our friends stopped by to see the kids and hang out, we ordered pizza and watched football, there was no drinking involved and it was pretty quiet other than the noises from our kids and our friend's son and Rich and I considered it a really fun party, so funny how things change as your family grows.  But it was a great time and our amazing friends brought the kids some really great gifts.  One friend brought Avery a Redskins outfit back from their recent trip to Maryland so that was pretty cool as we have a hard time finding Redskins attire here and most the time have to order it online, so that was amazing and then our other friends brought Jolie and Avery, Thing 1 and Thing 2 outfits, they are so CUTE!!!

On Sunday morning bright and early we had a photographer come to the house for professional photos of Avery for her birth announcements we also got some super cute photos of both the girls together as well as a great family photo.  It was really nice and I can't wait to get the CD from her so I can start making prints and also get the birth announcements out.  Avery has had some difficulty sleeping at night as of recent so that has made for some really long nights, the funny part is she sleeps perfectly during the day, I think we have a little day/night confusion so we are currently working on that, hopefully we correct that quickly!!  Although I will say last night was a thousand times better, I got her asleep about 9:30 after a little fussing and she slept til about 1:30 when she was stirring a little, I got up, changed her diaper she did about a half of a feeding and then went back to sleep and slept until she woke up about 4:20 at which time she ate a full feeding and then was up til about 4:30 and then slept again til almost 8 when she feed again, I have to say that felt amazing in comparison to how things have been going.  In other news I am on to yet another bladder infection and a second round of antibiotics, will be going to OB again this week to figure it all out.  With Avery's lack of sleep and my not feeling well I missed my dear friend's baby shower but I will see her this week sometime to pass off her gift and finish planning our other friend's shower.that is in just a couple of weeks.  Sorry dear friend Lora that I missed your fay but I was a hot mess on Saturday until later in the day when the medicine started to kick in, thank goodness for pain relievers.

Today is going to be a productive day, I swear to it!  This morning my Mom is already at my house watching Avery so I can take Jolie to school and then hit the grocery store, so that is done for the week.  My Mom is currently at the Club Store getting diapers for me and a few things for herself and when she gets back we are busting into the kitchen cabinet re-organization.  So I am totally excited for this, I am just plan tired of my Tupperware cabinet exploding on me every time I open it!  So I am off to the cabinet project, pictures to come in another post later this week.

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