Thursday, January 6, 2011

My week...

Okay, I started off the week good and on track, blogging everyday, cleaning everyday and in my opinion being the ideal stay-at-home mom and housewife.  I took a little break from all that yesterday...after not sleeping on Tuesday night I didn't do all the things I had been doing but my amazing husband took care of Baby Avery from 9 pm until she woke up for her 2 am feeding, he even feed her and then brought her into our bedroom at 3 am, already asleep and then she slept until her 6 am feeding so obviously I got a ton of sleep and feel ready to go today.  Unfortunately, it is cold and rainy today so Avery and I will be staying indoors and getting things done around the house, which is perfectly okay considering there is always stuff to be done around here and today is no different.  Jolie has pulled tons of toys out in her room so I will be cleaning up that mess today, I might even take a few pictures of her room after I finish since I still haven't posted completed house pictures and I am dying to share all of that anyways and that will make for a great post this week.  Originally my Mom was going to come over today to help reorganize our kitchen cabinets but we decided to postpone that til next week since she still had Christmas decorations at her house to put away and she was dying to complete that project which I can't blame her as the last few days of our tree being up made me feel as though our house was getting smaller by the minute and the walls were truly closing in on me and I couldn't take it!!  So on to the week and some pictures to go with it, the pictures are truly random so bare with me.

Okay, Avery and I went on our first successful shopping trip on Tuesday, it was just a little trip to Target but it was really fun.  We needed to exchange a baby monitor we got as a gift because one of the receivers didn't work so we did that, of course we bought a more expensive one, isn't that always how it goes??  But I like the new one, it even lights up with the sounds so that you can turn the volume down and see the noise, love that!  Then I bought a shower gift for a friend, it was on sale so I loved that as well, I am teaching Avery young about not paying full price!!  Here is a picture of Avery ready to go shopping, I love it!  By the way we got the car seat cover in the picture as a gift and I have to say it is amazing!!  It takes the place of a blanket and is also waterproof for rainy Florida days, I didn't have this with Jolie but I have to say I absolutely love it!!!
In the most exciting news from our little shopping spree we found some great sales for are two pictures of what we found.

I got this amazing little brown dress with burgundy neck detail for $9.98, I thought that was a great deal, I might even wear it to the baby shower I am hosting for a friend in a few weeks, it is super cute and the price made it even better.  With the neck detail a necklace isn't needed so I am thinking I will pair it with a large earrings and a chunky braclet. 

I also found these amazing flats, the pair on the left is black and the pair on the right are like a silver/gray color.  The best part is they were only $4.98 per pair, two pairs of shoes for less then $10.00 is AWESOME.  I actually wore the grayish pair to lunch with friends yesterday.

My other Tuesday project....
I used things that I had on hand to make a nice surprise for Rich and Jolie and I have to say they were both very happy with it.  I took the frozen sugar cooking dough that I bought from Jolie's school fundraiser and cooked those according to the directions.  I then let them cool and put vanilla frosting (store bought) that I had in the pantry and then sprinkled the top with heart shaped sprinkles that I had leftover from making Valentine's cookies last year with Jolie.

And Ta-Da here is the final product....only 10 cookies fit on the plate so I got to sample a few before Rich and Jolie got home..ha ha.  Good thing breastfeeding burns calories, I think on Tuesday it burned all my cookie calories....

So as you can see Tuesday was a really busy yet productive day.  Yesterday was also a busy day but I don't have pictures and cool things to show for it but at least I got a lot done.  But I returned my rental breast pump to the hospital to so not to get charged this morning for the rental for the month of January.  Thanks to my good friend Jen I have a Medla Freestyle pump to use and I have to say that I love it as I can actually do other things while pumping unlike the rental one where it is not hands free.  I then went to the Vital Statistics office to get Avery's Birth Certificate, which I have to say that the Vital Statistics office is a creepy place, first off it is in the hood and then there are crazies in there that can't figure out how to fill out the simple form or how to take a number and then go to the counter when the number is called, it might be one of the craziest things I have every experienced, I somewhat remember this from when I had to do the same for Jolie but I think it is even worse now, I was glad to get in and out of there quickly!  Then the best part of my day yesterday was meeting up with two of my dear friends for a little "girl's lunch".  I had seen Jen last week when she came by the house but I hadn't seen Kristi since right before I had Avery when we had a HUGE party at her house for work, which I have to say was my last major work event (merely 4 days before Avery's arrival) but it was awesome!  Our lunch was full of laughing, talking, and a little sparkling wine (that might have been the best part!).  It was awesome, I hope that we can find a way to have these little lunches more often!

Today as I mentioned I will be cleaning around the house...that means...dishes, laundry, making beds, straightening up the downstairs, washing breast pump parts and sterilizing baby items.  Just another normal day in my time as a stay-at-home mom and housewife, I have to say doing chores is so much easier when I haven't worked a full day and then still have to do the chores!  I will also be making a nice dinner for the family tonight when they get home tonight so I have that defrosting.  I feel so productive already this morning as I have successfully feed everyone breakfast, packed lunched for Jolie and Rich, and pumped a delicious breakfast for Avery...ha ha!  I have pulled meat out of the freezer and begun defrosting for dinner and the kitchen is already in order for the day.  After a little rest for Mommy and a short Avery nap (she is taking that now, I had to stop writing this post a while ago to feed her and that makes her tired) it will be on to the upstairs to clean Jolie's room, start laundry, straighten up my Master Bedroom and possibly vacuuming the upstairs (that will depend on Avery's sleep cycle for the day).  Well I am off to clean, well rest first then clean...will post all about it tomorrow.

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