Sunday, January 2, 2011


So I have to admit that as of late I have become addicted to coupons....I have always been about good deals and saving money but now I am super into coupons. Today was the prime example....I needed two picture frames for the house to go in the living room around the mirror, they needed to be 10 x 13 so I full expected to be paying quite a bit of money for them but iwas waiting for a sale. Well, today was my lucky day...Micheal's had all wall frames 50 percent off plus there was a coupon for 25 percent off "your entire frame" purchase, it was perfect, so for $24 I got two frames that I really like!!!! This is why I am loving coupons! To finish up my magic day of couponing and shopping I went to Babies R Us for a few things for Avery and a gift for a friend. I had from members rewards 4 coupons that were for $5.00 each, they could be all used together and were like cash I was able to be pacifier clips buy 1 get 1 half off so 4 total clips for $9.00 and a pack of burp clothes for $5.99 and then on sale a little fleece jacket and carter's outfit for my friend's son for a total of $ after the rewards I only spent about $8.00, love it and the best part is I have $15 more worth that are valid after the 15th. I will be using those to buy a shower gift for a friend in a couple of weeks. Again love the bargains!! In shopping news I am in search for a few things for the house so as I start to find those I will have a few post on that. And as a folow-up to yesterday's post I was disappointed with the Valentine's decor selection at the dollar store and all I bought was a collection of window clings that Jolie put on the sliding glass door this morning.

In completely unrelated news....tomorrow Rich and Jolie return to school and I begin my 7 weeks as a stay-at-home mom...I am really looking forward to it and have tons of plans of things that Avery and I are going to accomplish. This week the plan is as follows...
Monday: Clean back porch
Tuesday: go get Avery's birth certificate and go return hospital breast pump as we have one a friend loaned us
Wednesday: clean the house, just regular cleaning so I don't have to do it over the weekend
Thursday: clean out and reorganize my kitchen cabinets, my mom will be coming over to help with this
Friday: Go to my office and visit and turn in paperwork for Avery to have insurance.

Sounds really busy when you write it out...I sure hope that Avery is on board with all my plans!!! Will keep you updated.

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