Monday, January 24, 2011

Over the Weekend...

**Updated with Pictures**
So here is a little weekend in review post, I will begin with Friday because I don't think I said anything about that yet. So, Friday I had two doctors appointments and since my Mom was sick with a cold I took Avery with me to both. We started with dropping Jolie off at school and then headed over to the chiroprator's office, I got adjusted and treatment and Avery slept like a baby, well duh she is a baby but you get the idea. Then it was off to an appointment for my bladder, an ultrasound was in order for that and here I thought I was forever done with ultrasounds as my child bearing times are over but nonetheless an ultrasound it was. So knowing we were going to be out for so long I knew I was going to have to make time to pump and/or nurse so I took the pump along and figured I would just figure it out along the way. So after the chiro appointment I got in the car and thought of something my friend Jen had told me about the Medela Freestyle pump I use and that is that because it is handsfree it is very possible to use it while driving, she originally told me about this because of my job, she is in the same business and did this with her daughter so I thought to myself, self this is a chance to try out this theory, so I strapped it on and proceed to doctors appointment number two. And to my amazement she was right and not only was she right but this was amazing, I can get where I need to while accomplishing something else I have to do so I don't explode. So I pumped successfully and got to appointment on time, score!

(this is a picture of the pump, it doesn't give you the full idea but just imagine it...)
Avery slept between appointments and woke up in time for my to bottle feed her in the waiting room and then just hung out in her carrier while I was in my ultrasound, awesome! So then we went home, rested, ate and then had to run a few errands to finish gathering a few things for my friend, Sarah's Baby Shower that I was throwing with another friend on Saturday.

So Saturday I drove to Minneola with shower stuff in tow and left my sweet baby for the first time, I was sad to leave Avery but knew she was in good hands with her Daddy! I will add pictures later from my regular computer as I am currently writing from my I-Pad but we threw a really cute, really fun shower for Sarah and her triplets, she got great gifts and it was so nice to see so many wonderful friends! I had a great time visiting with Sarah, Lora and Sarah's Mom and sisters after the shower. Sarah's Mom even made Avery a beautiful quilt similar. To the one she made for Jolie, I absolutely love it!! After a great time I headed home to the family.

Jen, Sarah, and Lora (Addie is also peeking in the picture)

The food table.

The diaper cake centerpiece that Lora made, it was so cute!!

The cupcake tower.

The cute Monkey Soap Favors.
(It seems as though I didn't take any people pictures so Lora when you read this please send me some!)

This is Avery on the quilt that Sarah's Mom made for her and she is even wearing the matching onesie, I love it, it is so sweet!!

Once home I packed Jolie up for her trip with Mimi and Poppy and crashed into bed as soon as Avery was asleep! Sunday morning I finished getting Jolie ready for her travel and then she was off to the snow! Once she left I can honestly say Rich and I just hung out, we didn't do anything! We laid around, I got in a great nap while Avery slept. We did take out, watched Jersey Shore on DVR and football and just regrouped after some long weeks! I can honestly say it was delightful! We have gotten several phone calls from Jolie with weather reports, she hasn't seen snow yet but it is coming and it is cold! My Mom says she has behaved amazingly and all is well with them. So it was a great weekend! Rest, friends, some family time, nothing gets better than that!

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